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Reviews of Raspberry Pi Zero W

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  Publicación: 2017-05-23, crítica de: expertreviews.co.uk

  • Very affordable, Great for custom projects, Boasts 2.4GHz Wi-Fi
  • Not as fast as the Raspberry Pi 3
  • Better than the original Pi Zero – thanks to integrated Wi-Fi, this model’s even more capable...

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  Publicación: 2017-05-17, crítica de: alphr.com

  • Resumen:  You've got to hand it to the Raspberry Pi Foundation. Not content with making hobbyist computing cheap and cool again, the Foundation did something rather unexpected last year: it released an even cheaper model. Priced at a ridiculously low £4, the Raspbe...

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  Publicación: 2017-06-09, Autor: Staff Writers , crítica de: bit.com.au

  • This tiny $15 computer is amazing value for those building their own computer-based projects. The addition of integrated Bluetooth and Wi-Fi makes the Raspberry Pi Zero W much more useful than its predecessor.OverallSpecs$15 AUD(pricing info)• www.raspber...

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