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  Publicación: 2008-11-20, crítica de: technologytell.com

  • Resumen:  There’s a new breed of small notebook computers hitting stores recently, which buck the bigger and faster trend for something more reasonable, mobile and in my opinion, practical. They call these netbooks, which is kind of a misnomer as they’re not me...

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  Publicación: 2008-08-01, crítica de: goodgearguide.com.au

  • Solid-state drive, SD storage expansion slot, relatively good battery life from standard 3-cell battery, under 1kg
  • Only 512MB of RAM, small storage capacity, Linpus operating system doesnt allow a local area network to be browsed by default, touchpad is awkward
  • This Linux version of the Aspire One is easy to use and has a solid-state drive, but the Windows XP version has better memory and storage capacity for only $100 more. Furthermore, Acer will also release versions with built-in 3G modules. Its really a...

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