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Award: Recommended November 2010
November 2010
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A los editores les gusta

  • Una buena y espaciosa pantalla de 3.7" que no vuelve al teléfono gigante
  • El espacio está bien aprovechado
  • Aceptable duración de batería
  • Un buen rendimiento en general del teléfono
  • Pocos cuelgues
  • Un teléfono que no tuvo que recortar características pa
  • Su pantalla Gorilla Glass que es resistente al agua. Cuenta con sistema operativo Android 2.1
  • Uno de los más fáciles de utilizar y tiene Bluetooth para que te conectes de forma inalámbrica con otros dispositivos

A los editores no les gusta

  • Un diseño un poco feo para ser un smartphone
  • La cámara es mejor que algunos de los otros teléfonos que probamos
  • Pero todavía le falta
  • No poder grabar en 720p
  • Mientras muchos otros teléfonos de la gama sí pueden
  • A pesar de que su cámara es de 5 megapíxeles
  • No toma fotografías de buena calidad. No tiene puerto infrarrojo y su capacidad de almacenamiento es algo limitada
  • Aunque se puede expandir por medio de una tarjeta de memoria

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  Publicación: 2010-11-30, crítica de: phonedog.com

  • Good build quality; water resistant; decent price tag for a mid-range device; small and easily pocketed, but a decent sized display; very snappy; impressive battery life; bright and crisp display; ships with Swype.
  • MOTOBLUR; ships with Android 2.1; the size of the device and position of the display make it feel awkward in the hand; the display does not feel as large as it actually is.
  • The DEFY isn't the most spectacular device to come to T-Mobile, but it certainly has its benefits. It can withstand more than your average phone can whether it's being dropped, thrown into water, or covered with dust. It's small but still packs a dec...

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  Publicación: 2010-11-23, crítica de: slashphone.com

  • Resumen:  Motorola Defy is probably the only rugged Android smartphone you can buy in the market. Featuring a 3.7-inch display with Gorilla Glass protection, the Defy s dust proof and water resistant protecting you from life’s little challenges like a sudden rai...

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  Publicación: 2010-11-23, crítica de: wired.com

  • Compact enough to fit in a pocket without causing embarrassing bulges. Surprisingly resistant to liquid immersion. Lightweight. Whaddya know — a smartphone that actually works well for voice calling!
  • Lightweight plastic body screams “middlebrow,” not “sophisticate.” Barely enough battery to last through a typical day. Cluttered with widgets you probably won't use (but which are easy enough to delete). One generation behind the most recent Android vers

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  Publicación: 2010-11-22, crítica de: androidpolice.com

  • Resumen:  Motorola was kind enough to hook me up with one of their latest handsets, the Motorola Defy. Here's a video primer for the review that all your friends will be talking about tomorrow. If you read the review without it, you'll be in the dark:The Defy is...

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  Publicación: 2010-11-18, Autor: Chris Ziegler , crítica de: engadget.com

  • Looks sharpWithstands scratches, splashes, short fallsReasonably fast
  • Motoblur still sucksBattery cover is trickyNo physical camera key
  • At $99.99 on contract at launch, it'd be easy to write off the Defy as a forgettable midrange device -- after all, Motorola has yet to really prove its muster making decent Android phones that aren't high-end $200 monsters. Happily, this thing is genuinel...

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  Publicación: 2010-11-16, crítica de: pcmag.com

  • Waterproof and rugged. Awesome speakerphone.
  • Motoblur makes the OS a bit sluggish. No HSPA+. No hotspot mode.
  • The first great rugged, waterproof smartphone, the T-Mobile Motorola Defy is the handset to get if you're rough on your stuff. ...

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  Publicación: 2010-11-12, crítica de: infosyncworld.com

  • If you want to be governed by a small device with a 5-megapixel camera, Android 2.1, MOTOBLUR, and tough body design, then the Motorola Defy is the phone for you. At just $100 for a two-year T-Mobile contract, the Defy certainly is one of the better c...

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  Publicación: 2010-11-12, crítica de: cellphonequick.com

  • Resumen:  The Motorola Defy defies expectations by combining ruggedness and Android acumen in the one phone. With brains and brute strength, it could be a welcome choice for the hulks among us.The Motorola Defy is the first smart phone we’ve seen to sport a rugg...

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  Publicación: 2010-11-12, Autor: Devin Coldewey , crítica de: techcrunch.com

  • The Defy is a solid phone at a good price (you can get it for $50 if you look), it's got a great screen, and with luck, 2.2 will be rolling out to the Motorola lineup soon, which should bring some much-needed speed improvements and a few nice standard fea...

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  Publicación: 2010-11-10, crítica de: mobilewhack.com

  • Resumen:  It’s hard to believe that we’re back doing a cell phone review, especially after the great stuff we’ve seen coming out of the Max Borges Agency and Geeks.com, but today we’re getting back into the cell phone side of things with the Motorola Defy, a re...

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